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Welcome to Alchemy Designs 

No time to create your own web-site or don't know how? No Problem!

You can have your own unique business, club or family web-site live around the world in just days from now. 


Julie Villani, Budget Website Designs




FromJulie Palmer  

Adelaide, South Australia


 Dear Friend,

The internet has changed how we can reach out to our potential customers, members and family. Your web-site can be viewed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A professional web-site can be an invaluable extension of your business operations and marketing strategies and keep you in touch with your clients or customers.

As your web designer, I can offer you a low cost, personalized service that is tailor-made to your needs.



"When I first decided to look in to websites, I was stunned with the questions that came back to me.. being a chef, I know nothing about it all so walked away more confused than when I started.

That's when I talked to Julie. Simple terms, exact detail (and we had a few changes) but the most important thing was that Julie would be there to guide me through it. Many phone calls & emails but nothing was a problem. Every detail was checked and re-checked, options given and more to the point - the website was delivered on time and to the exact standard of what I wanted.

There are big companies and there is Julie Palmer - the best service anyone could want with everything you want! Thank you"



Stuart Oldfield

Hand Made Catering


I'm really glad you're looking for ways to improve your business or to set up your family or club website and have I got a great deal for you??? Yes, I know you've heard that line a thousand times and every time it makes you want to run away in a frenzy as fast as you can with your hands pressed firmly against your ears - I know I do!

But seriously, I do have a great offer for you.  The reason I'm offering this great deal is that I'd like your testimonial. I promise that you will get top personal service from me and a unique website. In return I'd love you to give me a fabulous testimonial that I can use on this site - sound good?

You won't have to worry about anything, other than getting the information, photos and graphics you want on your new site to me. We'll have a chat about how you want your site to look, function and feel. When I have all your site details, I'll create your website for you.


"When I started my business I realized that I would need to get a website created that would work for me. I wanted to make sure that the website had all the components that would show how my product worked and also so that anyone who wanted to purchase one of the products would find it easy to do.
Julie has given me different options to choose from for how the website could be set out and it's great that she can manage my site too. After talking it through about my needs for the site Julie has given me a clear picture of what she thought was close to what I needed. Julie came across to me as quite a confident and competent person to produce a great website.
After putting my trust in her to go ahead with the site I was thrilled with her effort when it was completed.  Anytime the site needed to be updated, Julie has been an amazing support.
I highly recommend Julie to help anyone if they want a website created.
Good luck with your business,
Regards Mike"

Mike Paterson -

What's The Promotion?

I will create your website - including all the bonuses below - for the rock-bottom price of $397. This is way below what most other "budget" web-site designers charge, so contact me  as soon as possible to take advantage of this great offer. 

It's even cheaper if you're just after a blog for your site. I can buy your preferred domain name (subject to availability), set up your hosting and add your blog for just $297. A blog is quite simple to self-manage once it's installed on your domain and keeps everyone up to date with your business, family or club.

Many people want a simple, but unique website created for them, but are put off by the expected or unknown costs. Who can blame them when big web design companies charge anything from a $1,000 to 10's of $1,000's for even small sites? 

Take a look below at the three amazing bonuses that I include in the creation of your site.  


"To whomever may be considering employing Julie’s services to design your new or rejuvenate your old web site: I thoroughly recommend her inspirational & practical ideas, guidance, knowledge and service. 

She has advised me and carried out the procedures to build a more effective web site. She has submitted my site to many directories, so to direct traffic to my web site and stimulate interest in my services as a Garden Designer and builder. Julie also advised me on things like Keywords, so I come up more on searches.

I have to admit as a computer person, I make a very good garden designer and so needed Julie’s, simple, friendly, efficient and effective skills and services! I will not hesitate to call on her advice, guidance and services in the future as and when the need arises – as it will!"

In Gratitude always,

Kerrie Griffin-Moore - helped build a more effective web site




Kerrie Griffin-Moore



Your Three Exclusive Bonuses - Total Value $199

Bonus #1 - 2 years Domain Name Registration included (value of $49)

Bonus #2 - 1 year Web Hosting included  (value of $100)

Bonus #3 - Submission to major Search Engines  (value of $50)

*extra bonus * - a link from this site to your website



"My business is also design based but not website design! So I was thrilled with the artistic way Julie chose colours and designed the layout of my website. I also appreciated the fact that Julie didn’t blind me with computer ‘geek-speak’ and explained things to me in a way I could follow.
The overall result exceeded my expectations,
Many thanks."

Tonia Gillespie - great website design

Tonia Gillespie


My Personal Guarantee

I will not accept payment from you unless you are absolutely thrilled with your new website. You will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently I can build your site.

I will delight you with friendly and personalized service.

Julie Palmer



Email me now to see how easy it is to get started.



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