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Q   How long will it take to build my web-site? 

A   Providing you have your content and pictures ready to go, between 3 - 7 days, depending on my workload.

Q  How do I decide what I want on my site?

A   Spend some time looking at other sites. Jot down ideas, colours, style, layout etc. If you have a business, you will already have content that you use in other promotional material. I have a list of questions that I'll email you to help you make decisions about your site.

Q   Will my site be submitted to search engines?

A   Yes, your site will be submitted to the major search engines - google, msn, yahoo etc.

Q   Can I have the domain name I want?

A   Yes, providing the domain name you want is not already owned by someone else. There are alternatives though if someone already owns the exact domain name you want. For example if you want and it is taken, you may find that, or may be available. Alternatively you might consider putting your area or suburb in the domain name - which can be advantageous for local small businesses.

Q   Do I need to own a computer to have a website?

A  No, your web-site will have its own hosting account running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q   Can I get an e-mail address with my web-site?

A  Yes, you can have up to 10 email addresses connected with your site. For example:  or, or

Q   What are your payment terms?

A   I can start work on your new web-site as soon as your 25% deposit is verified. Balance to be paid within 7days of completion. You can pay by direct deposit into my bank account if you are in Australia, or by PayPal.

Q   What other services can you provide?

A   Please see my services page for a full list of services I can provide.

Q   Can we talk face to face about my website?

A   I'm based in Adelaide, South Australia - so if you're in Adelaide I'm happy to meet with you. Alternatively we can schedule a meeting on Skype :)


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